Une légende en cache une autre


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Une légende en cache une autre

Past: November 16, 2011 → January 28, 2012

One caption hides another aims to expand the field countering official history by taking as a departure point a key topic in current museological debates, that of anthropological restitution. Inspired by the recent repatriation of the Maori warrior head from the Museum of Rouen to its ancestral home, New Zealand, this exhibition and series of events propose an exploration into the ethical, scientific, political and legal issues arising from cases of restitution.

One caption hides another further aims to problematise the displacement between traditional and cult object, on the one hand, and historical and museological object, on the other. Can an object have different statuses? Who can legitimately make this decision? Are there different possible narratives to understand and read these objects? A critical deconstruction of these questions will make visible and legible the fact that a caption on an exhibition label often hides another beneath it.

Addressing the topics of collective memory and heritage, One caption hides another creates a meeting point for artworks, ethnographic and juridical documents, films and museographic projects. Documenting real situations, making use of fiction or radicalising one’s relation to heritage, the artists, researchers and platforms invited in this project are all engaged in reflexive endeavours concerning the museological object and challenging ethnographic representation.

  • Event Saturday, December 10, 2011 2 PM → 4:30 PM

    “The objects found in ethnographic collections in Europe are key elements in the articulation between colonial past and present memory”. Proposed by the researcher Lotte Arndt.

  • Event Saturday, December 10, 2011 5 PM → 7 PM

    Agency speculates on the question: “How can objects be included within art practices?”

  • Aide Mémoire — Une conférence performée par Uriel Orlow à la Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Performance Tuesday, January 10, 2012 7 PM → 8 PM

    In Aide-Mémoire Orlow presents salvaged visuals of a possible film, reflects on blind-spots of history and explores the territory between travelogue, slideshow and immersive sound-scape.

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The artists

  • Camille Henrot
  • Agence
  • Patrizio Di Massimo
  • Jimmie Durham
  • Kiluanji Kia Henda
  • Uriel Orlow
  • Daniel Boyd
  • Peggy Buth
  • Francis Upritchard
  • Françoise Vergès