Gaëlle Choisne — Hybris


Installation, sculpture

Gaëlle Choisne

Past: March 24 → May 27, 2018

Gaelle choisne hybris exposition galerie untilthen paris critique 1 grid Gaëlle Choisne — Galerie Untilthen Gaëlle Choisne, plasticienne franco-haïtienne, expose une sélection d’œuvres à la galerie Untilthen à Paris jusqu’au 27 mai. L’occasion de découvrir son travail exigeant à travers une déambulation métaphorique qui mêle les thèmes du colonialisme à ceux, presque magiques, de l’être et du paraître et où le kitsh se teinte de mélancolie.

The work of Gaëlle Choisne is an address to the disorder of the world. Impervious to pessimism and catastrophism, Choisne mirrors the complexity of our contemporary era through multiple medias and materials that she will fashion and organize into sprawling installations, blending sculptures, images and referential systems that conflate within bountiful environments inhabited by the artist’s gestures.

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Vue de l’exposition Gaëlle Choisne, Hybris, à la galerie Untilthen, Paris

Between occult tales and scientific objectivity, from the Carribean to the European literary traditions, Gaëlle Choisne navigates her way amongst layered mindscapes, as composite as the techniques implemented to make them come to life : molding, baking, print, hanging, collage, twisting, extraction.

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Vue de l’exposition Gaëlle Choisne, Hybris, à la galerie Untilthen, Paris

Choisne’s keen interest in the work process is quite often left to be seen in the installations-sculpturesimages, which are always verging on the experimental. As though the work, lost in a never-ending gestation, might never reach a definitive status in its layout, its form or its reproducibility. As though its relevance was to be found in the discontinued transformation, the steady reversal of media, meanings and surfaces. Such practice of continued becoming, in which the meaning can only emerge through perpetual motion, works through palpation and always seems animated, inhabited by an organic, biomorphic energy. The hand that fingers, moves and alters may be seen as distorting a deceptively naïve craft.

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Vue de l’exposition Gaëlle Choisne, Hybris, à la galerie Untilthen, Paris
  • gaelle choisne — hybris Opening Saturday, March 24, 2018 6 PM → 9 PM

    L’œuvre que déploie Gaëlle Choisne est une adresse au désordre du monde. Sans pessimisme ou catastrophisme, elle fait miroir à la complexité du temps contemporain à travers de multiples médiums et matériaux qu’elle façonne et agence dans des installations foisonnantes. Sculptures, images et systèmes référentiels s’y imbriquent et s’y confondent dans des environnements opulents, habités des gestes de l’artiste.

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