Esben Klemann — Nicolai Howalt — de travers


Photography, sculpture

Esben Klemann — Nicolai Howalt
de travers

Past: November 7, 2017 → January 13, 2018

 dsc2529 1 grid Nicolai Howalt & Esben Klemann — Galerie Maria Lund Né de l'envie commune d’établir un dialogue physique entre leurs œuvres, la galerie Maria Lund offre au photographe Nicolai Howalt ... 2 - Bien Critique

“The assistant looked at me with an amused, vaguely ironic expression: better not do than do, better to meditate than to act, better his astrophysics, the threshold of the Unknowable, than my chemistry, a mess compounded of stenches, explosions, and small futile mysteries.”

Primo Levi : The Periodic Table, Potassium — Ed. Schocken Books, 1984

 dsc2521 1 medium
Esben Klemann, Sculptures en grès ou porcelaine et glaçure, 0 Galerie Marie Lund — Marc-Antoine Bulot

Nicolai Howalt practices a concrete abstraction, an enlarged reality that most often starts with elements of nature in order to seize less visible dimensions of our existence. Esben Klemann questions in a playful and innovative way matters and forms by going against established concepts. With de travers (sideways), both artists start a dialog by taking possession of the gallery’s the physical space in an unusual way.

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